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Recap: San Diego Shenanigans

Hi, y’all! I’m back with a recap of my recent trip to San Diego. Lemme start off by saying that West Coast to East Coast travel is no joke. It’s not a game, people. I took a red-eye back, lost 3 whole hours of sleep in the air, and walked off that plane looking like Read More

Writing Life: The Summer Slide

I’m back, y’all! Let the celebratory dancing begin! When you hear the phrase “summer slide,” it often refers to the amount of things children forget during the typical three month American summer break. Teachers spend nine long months instructing our kids, and they spend three months letting it all leak out through their ears, apparently. Read More

Notes from the Deadline Cave…

The deadline struggle is VERY REAL. Hey, y’all! This post is gonna be brief, and since I know how intelligent and capable y’all are, you can probably guess why from the headline. You know how I love to regale you with tales of my travels, and fill you in on the latest hotness in comfy Read More

Sisterhood at it’s Best: #DestinDivasRetreat

Hey, y’all! #DestinDivasRetreat recap time! This week, I’m taking a break from posting about fashion (don’t worry, more of that next week) to actually talk about something related to books and writing. Perish the thought, right? 😉 Here’s my take on the #DestinDivasRetreat, which you may have seen flooding your social media timelines this past Read More