A Worthy Legacy

Hey, y’all. Today, I must take a brief hiatus from the things I usually speak about on this platform, to do what must be done. I see my blog as a journal of sorts, meant to give a little insight into the worlds I inhabit. As a writer, this is a therapeutic activity for me, Read More

#OOTD: Lunch Date

Hey y’all 🙂 It’s been a while, but here’s an OOTD post for all my fashion forward divas out there. So let’s get ready to #WERK, ladies! As a bonus, since I haven’t done an outfit post since January, this post has two outfits. (There’s so much good stuff in Hamilton- it just applies to Read More

#FineReadables: Making it Real by Synithia Williams

Hey, y’all! It’s #FineReadables time again, so rejoice! (I’ll wait while you bust a move.) Have you celebrated appropriately? Ready to see what goodies I have for you today? Great! Today, I’m happy to give you a peek at MAKING IT REAL,  Book 3 in Synithia Williams’ Henderson Family series from Crimson Romance.  It’s on Read More

Hamilton: My Latest Obsession

Hey, y’all. Yes, it’s true. I’m one of the Hamilton Faithful. I’m fresh out of the deadline cave, having turned in my most recent book last week. I like to be early for my deadlines, and this one was a close shave. I turned in the book a mere 4 days before the deadline. Still Read More

Notes from the Deadline Cave…

The deadline struggle is VERY REAL. Hey, y’all! This post is gonna be brief, and since I know how intelligent and capable y’all are, you can probably guess why from the headline. You know how I love to regale you with tales of my travels, and fill you in on the latest hotness in comfy Read More

Valentine’s Day Reads: #FineReadables

  Hey, y’all! This week, leading into Valentine’s Day, I’m bringing you the inaugural post in a series that will highlight great books by authors I know and love. I’m an author, but I’m a reader first, and my passion for good books is just as strong as it’s always been. So, because I love Read More

Sisterhood at it’s Best: #DestinDivasRetreat

Hey, y’all! #DestinDivasRetreat recap time! This week, I’m taking a break from posting about fashion (don’t worry, more of that next week) to actually talk about something related to books and writing. Perish the thought, right? 😉 Here’s my take on the #DestinDivasRetreat, which you may have seen flooding your social media timelines this past Read More

OOTD: Back in Black, Plus Seducing Sheri

Hey, y’all! It’s OOTD time! Aren’t you excited? This week, I’m giving you that dark, artsy style I’m known for, LOL. Upon looking through my clothes, I realized I have a LOT of black. You know the old saying about black being slimming. I guess I took it to heart, because I’ve bought a lot Read More

Head Wraps to the Rescue

  Hey, Y’all! This week’s post is all about covering your head and still keepin’ it cute. I think this is especially pertinent right now, as winter kicks into full gear in a lot of places. Even if the weather’s not all that cold where you are, the January blahs are starting to set in, Read More

Super Easy Festive Nails

  Hi, All, This week, I’m talking about my favorite way to jazz up my nails this time of year. No fancy implements, no squinting and trying to pick up tiny jewels with tweezers, and ending up gluing them to the back of your hand. (C’mon, I’m not the only one who’s done that, right?) Read More

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