Vying for Vivian, Book 2

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Vying for Vivian, A Climax Creek Short
©2014, by Kianna Alexander

Erotic Romance- African American

Heat Level: Light Erotic- love scenes are detailed and explicit. All love scenes depict activity between one adult man and one adult woman, where both parties consent.

Setting/Time Period: Contemporary/Present Day. The story takes place in the fictional town of Climax Creek, North Carolina.

Length: Vying for Vivian is a short novella, approximately 15,005 words in length.

Books Like This: If you enjoy the erotic works by authors like Yvette Hines and Angie Daniels, you will likely enjoy this erotic romance short by Kianna Alexander.

Welcome to Climax Creek, North Carolina
Established 1858
“Built on Tradition, Moving Toward the Future”


Climax Creek is a small, quaint town situated between Greensboro and Sanford in North Carolina. Bordered by I-85 and three North Carolina state highways, it’s occupied by less than sixteen hundred people. Climax Creek is the kind of town where you won’t find a Starbucks, but you can get a great cup of coffee from Paulina down at Cool Beans. Watch out for Paulina- she’ll talk your ear off if you let her. Down at Phipps Pharmacy, Quinn Phipps has got a cure for whatever might be ailing you. Say the wrong thing to your significant other? Minnie Hughes has got an “apology special” running down at her flower shop- she’ll fix you up. Feel the need for some spiritual guidance? Climax Creek has four churches- take you pick. If you’re looking for something fancy and pretentious, this isn’t the place. But if you’re looking for a little Southern comfort, the kind that you can’t get out of a bottle, then stop on by.

A Family Wedding
As her brother’s wedding approaches, Vivian Dunn is swamped. Between her course work toward completing her master’s degree, teaching undergraduate students, and being a bridesmaid, she’s spread pretty thin. When her best friend invites her over for a little R&R before the festivities, she’s looking forward to taking the break she desperately needs.

A Growing Passion
Wesley Oaks has been friends with Vivian since their days in undergrad. Now, as he works toward his certification to go into private practice as a therapist, and juggles his day job helping disadvantaged youth, he finds he has less and less time to spend with her. Still, his feelings for her have changed, and he wants more than her friendship- he wants all of her.


A Shocking Admission

Vivian is floored by Wesley’s declarations of love. What she thought was going to be a quiet weekend with her best friend becomes much more complex. She looks at Wesley with new eyes, and feels a spark of desire burning inside her. Her body says “Yes”, but her mind has so many doubts. The stakes are high- both their hearts and a cherished friendship are on the line. Can this be real, or will it only lead to loss and heartache?




Shifting the desk phone’s receiver onto his shoulder, Wesley Oaks shuffled through the stack of papers on his desk, looking for the paperwork for one of his clients. “Yes, Mrs. Green. I’ll get that paperwork over to you first thing tomorrow. Uh-huh. Have a good evening.” He dropped the phone into the cradle, and continued to search his cluttered desktop for the file he was looking for.

His co-worker, Levi Pittman, strolled in. “Looking for this?” He held up a manilla folder marked, “Green, A.”

Wesley released a deep sigh. “Yes, and what are you doing with it?” He extended his hand to take the file.

Levi shrugged. “You left it in the break room by the coffee machine.” He handed over the folder. “There- I’ve rescued you from yourself once again.” He gave him a wink.

He smiled at his friend. “Thanks, Levi. Are we still on for bowling tomorrow night?”

Giving him a thumbs up, Levi smiled. “As long as you’re willing to take another shellacking. Shalom, home boy.” He slipped out of the office as casually as he’d arrived.

Shaking his head, Wesley opened the folder and opened the flatbed scanner on his desk. While the files scanned, he found his mind drifting to Vivian. He hadn’t seen her all week; since he’d taken on the cases of one of his colleagues who was on vacation, he’d been too busy to do much of anything else. Thankfully, Mary Sue was due back tomorrow, so he could drop the ridiculously overcrowded schedule, and return to his regular overcrowded schedule.

The last time he’d spoken to her was two nights ago, when she’d called him to vent about her mother pressuring her to find a date for her brother’s wedding. The wedding was happening in less than a week, and he’d told her he wouldn’t mind taking her. So far, she hadn’t told him what she wanted to do.

What he didn’t tell her was how much he wanted to take her, how much he wanted to see her in the fancy dress she’d be wearing as a bridesmaid. He didn’t know what the dress looked like, but his imagination painted an attractive picture of how she’d look. He could see her, wearing some short, knee skimming little number. It would be pastel, something to highlight the burnished bronze of her skin. She’d wear just a touch of makeup, her pouty lips shiny with red lipstick. And even though she was a bit shorter than him, the sexy pumps she’d wear would make her just tall enough for him to kiss her without leaning over.

He brought himself back to reality, though his fantasy was difficult to squelch. They’d been friends since they were just knuckleheads in undergrad, but over the past year, his feelings for Vivian had begun to change. What was once a friendly, platonic love he felt for her was now turning into something much more romantic. Basically, he was picturing her naked, and he wasn’t laughing. Something inside of him shifted, and he no longer thought of Vivian as just a friend. He wanted more- so much more- and he hoped she would feel the same way.

When the documents had finished scanning, he shot them off as an email attachment to his client’s mother, then shut his computer down. Counseling young men to help them transition from the juvenile justice system to GED programs wasn’t a glamorous job at all. The hours were long, the pay sucked, and he found some of his clients were either beyond help, or just didn’t want his help. Still, it paid the bills on his modest house in Climax Creek, and it allowed him to have a positive effect on the next generation of young men coming up. Most days, that was enough for him.

Lately, though, thinking of Vivian, and all they could share, had him looking for more out of life. When he finished his post-graduate coursework at A&T, he’d have his certification as a marriage and family therapist, and hoped to go into private practice. As he turned off the lights in his office, slipped into his wool blend coat, and strolled out, he wondered what she would say if he told her how he felt.

Then and there, he made up his mind. Instead of waiting to see if Vivian would ask him to take her to the wedding, he was going to ask her. But before he did, he was going to spend the weekend convincing her that they should be much more than friends.

Standing by the door of New Horizons Counseling Center, Wesley hit the speed dial button that connected him to Vivian’s phone. “Hey, Vee. Do you have any plans this weekend?”


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