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Adoring Ava, A Climax Creek Short
©2014, by Kianna Alexander

Erotic Romance- African American

Heat Level: Light Erotic- love scenes are detailed and explicit. All love scenes depict activity between one adult man and one adult woman, where both parties consent.

Setting/Time Period: Contemporary/Present Day. The story takes place in the fictional town of Climax Creek, North Carolina.

Length: Adoring Ava is a novella, approximately 20,400 words in length.


Themes: This story is a twist on the “snowbound” romance.

Books Like This: If you enjoy the erotic works by authors like Yvette Hines and Angie Daniels, you will likely enjoy this erotic romance short by Kianna Alexander.

Welcome to Climax Creek, North Carolina
Established 1858
“Built on Tradition, Moving Toward the Future”


Climax Creek is a small, quaint town situated between Greensboro and Sanford in North Carolina. Bordered by I-85 and three North Carolina state highways, it’s occupied by less than sixteen hundred people. Climax Creek is the kind of town where you won’t find a Starbucks, but you can get a great cup of coffee from Paulina down at Cool Beans. Watch out for Paulina- she’ll talk your ear off if you let her. Down at Phipps Pharmacy, Quinn Phipps has got a cure for whatever might be ailing you. Say the wrong thing to your significant other? Minnie Hughes has got an “apology special” running down at her flower shop- she’ll fix you up. Feel the need for some spiritual guidance? Climax Creek has four churches- take you pick. If you’re looking for something fancy and pretentious, this isn’t the place. But if you’re looking for a little Southern comfort, the kind that you can’t get out of a bottle, then stop on by.

A Summer Storm
A holiday weekend is upon Climax Creek, and Ava Hutchens is ready for the break
. She’s looking forward to shuttering her antiques store for the three day weekend, and getting in some reading and relaxing. Bad weather intervenes, and she finds herself trapped in the store with a last minute shopper- none other than the too-Fine-For-Words Micheal Dunn. He’s soaked to the bone, his clothes clinging to his muscular frame, and she can’t seem to keep her eyes on his face.

A Humid Encounter
Micheal Dunn needs to grab his mother’s birthday gift ahead of her weekend birthday party, and in his haste, ventures out into the storm. As the winds, rain, and hail swirl, he decides to shelter in place. What started out as a quick shopping excursion becomes so much more, because before long, the close quarters and an already budding attraction lead to a mind-blowing night of lovemaking.

A Complicated Affair
Ava can’t resist Micheal’s charms and carnal skills, but can’t abide his attitude- he has no idea of the pain and rejection she’s endured. Micheal wants to explore what he and Ava could have, but he can’t seem to do right by her, and she keeps pushing him away. Their new relationship is as stormy as the weather during their first lovemaking session. With the social event of the year approaching, can they find a way to settle their differences, or will their chance at bliss in each other’s arms be lost forever?





Ava Hutchens stood near the front window of her shop, Antiques by Ava, her eyes trained on the sky. She couldn’t ever remember seeing the sky so dark and ominous looking; the sun had disappeared behind the fat gray clouds. Usually she could expect to see folks leaving the Phipps Pharmacy across the street, or sitting on the benches in front of town hall. Today, not a single soul was out on the street, at least not from her vantage point.

The nifty little weather app on her phone had buzzed hours ago, warning her of a severe thunderstorm approaching town, and she had planned to close up early and go home before the weather got nasty. Instead, she’d gotten so wrapped up in rearranging her crystal statuettes that she’d lost track of time. Viewing things as they were now, she thought it best to wait the storm out inside.

No sooner than she started to turn away from the window, fat raindrops began to fall. Within seconds, the rain turned torrential, splattering against the glass pane with incredible force. She backed away from the window, and sat down on the tall stool she kept behind the counter. She intended to stay there until the storm passed over. Opening her paperback copy of Bridget Midway’s Woman in Chains to the place she’d left off, she began reading, with the sounds of the storm echoing around her.

Before she could read a paragraph, another sound interrupted her thoughts. The bell hanging above her door chimed, and she looked up, wondering who on Earth would be out in this weather.

Her eyes fell on the painfully fine Michael Dunn, the youngest son of one of the town’s wealthiest families. He’d apparently forgotten his umbrella, because his face was streaked with water. Aside from that, his white C&D foods button down shirt and khaki trousers were soaking wet, and clinging to his muscular frame for dear life. She could see the outline of his powerful arms, washboard abs, and thick thighs so well her eyes burned. Her breath escaped her body in a rush, and she dropped the book to the counter.

“Hey, Ava. I need to grab a few of those crystal elephants you have.” He strode across the hardwood floor, the wet soles of his shoes squeaking as he walked. She watched his muscles work and flex beneath the wet garments until he stood directly in front of the counter. “And I’m kind of in a rush.”

She blinked once, twice, three times, trying to clear her mind of the fog he induced. “Uh… you came out to buy elephants in this kind of weather?”

He shrugged. “Not really. We closed the store early due to the weather, and I just finished my reports. I thought I could swing by here before I went home and grab my mom’s birthday gift. She’s been dropping all kinds of hints about those figurines.”

Running a hand through her short ringlets, Ava nodded. “I was about to close up shop myself, but since you’re here, show me the ones you want and I’ll try to get you taken care of.”

He smiled, revealing two rows of near perfect, pearly white teeth. “Thanks, Ava. I really appreciate it.”

Outside, thunder boomed so loud it seemed to rattle the store’s walls. Ava eased off her stool, trying to ignore the sound as she followed Michael to the cabinet where she kept her crystal animal figurines. Lucky for her, watching his perfect behind flex with each step he took provided all the distraction she needed from the stormy weather.

“These are the ones she wants.” He pointed to the ones on the very top row.

She gulped, realizing what a big sale this would be for her. The elephants he’d gestured to were made by Swarovski. They were around four inches in size, but due to the expensive crystal they’d been carved from, each one was priced in the high hundreds. “Which ones do you want?”

He scratched his chin for a moment. “Let me just get all five of them. That way I can be sure I get the ones she wants.”

“I’ll wrap them up for you.” She kept her manner smooth and calm, so as not to reveal how giddy she was to be making a three thousand dollar sale in a single transaction. “Just let me get my step stool.” The top shelf was beyond the reach of her five foot, seven inch height, but since she rarely sold her pricier items, it made sense to keep them on the uppermost shelf.

Michael shook his head. “Nah. I can reach them.” As he reached into the cabinet, she scurried to the counter to retrieve some bubble wrap. She returned, and held it out like a plastic cradle as he gently took the elephants from the shelf, one by one.

She took the bundle to the counter and set it down carefully. Pulling out several more sheets of bubble wrap and the logo printed paper she wrapped breakables in, she began to wrap the statues.

A flash of lightning illuminated the sky outside as the heavy rain continued to fall.

Michael slipped his hand atop hers, and she felt a shock of sensation shoot up her arm, just the way the lighting had split the sky. Looking up into his eyes, she inquired, “Yes, Michael?”

“Here. Why don’t I help you wrap? Maybe there’s still hope of me getting home, or at least getting to my parent’s house, before this storm gets any worse.”

She nodded, and slid him three of the elephants and some wrapping material. The howling wind and swirling rain were the only sounds in the shop as they worked to get the figurines properly wrapped. When they were done, she placed them inside one of her silver imprinted vellum shopping bags and set them on the counter. Punching the item numbers into the cash register, she quoted a total. “Alright. That comes to three thousand seven hundred sixty-two dollars and fifty cents.”

“Ouch.” Michael feigned injury, cringing as he fished his wallet out of his back pocket and handed over his gold card. “I must really love my mom, huh?”

She offered him a smile. “Yes, and I think that’s a very good quality in a man.” Ugh! I can’t believe I just said that! Knowing there was no way she could take it back now, she did her best to play it off. With his card in hand, she had the perfect excuse to look away from him as she finished up the transaction. As his receipt printed, she looked up to find him watching her with those intense dark eyes of his.

“So, are you saying you’re looking for a man?” His thick left eyebrow was raised.

She handed him the receipt, feeling the heat begin to fill her cheeks. “Not really. I stay too busy around here to do much dating.” She figured she may as well be honest with him since she’d already put her foot in her mouth. After all, aside from Greta, her teenaged assistant, Antiques by Ava was a one woman operation.

“Come on now.” He tucked the receipt into his wallet and stuck it back in his pocket.

“That’s the truth.” Watching him, she couldn’t help imagining sliding her palm into that pocket, and feeling the muscled perfection of his ass-cheek beneath his slacks.

“You gotta make time for love, Ava. After all, they say success means nothing if you don’t have someone to share it with.” He gave her a sly wink.

“Humph. Cliche’, much?” She slid the bag across the counter to him. “While you’re in here grilling me about my love life–”

“Or lack thereof,” he interjected.

She rolled her eyes, smiling in spite of her embarrassment. “Whatever. You’d better stop lollygagging and get home before it gets any more epic outside.”

He slipped his big hand through the braided paper handles of the bag. “You’re right. I can always come back and tease you later.” With a wave, he turned and walked toward the door. “Bye, Ava.”

“Bye, Michael.” She held up her hand, wriggling her fingertips in his direction. She was so busy watching his behind she barely noticed the loud tapping sound coming from outside. It sounded like someone was throwing pebbles at the building.

He reached for the door handle, and pushed the door open. He stepped outside as the soft close door began to swing shut. In the next second, she heard him curse.

“Ouch! Shit!”

Jogging over from behind the counter, she peered out. Quarter size hail was now falling, pelting the buildings and the ground.

Michael stalked back inside the store, sporting a small read welt on his cheek. “One of those damn hail stones hit me!” He swung his shopping bag up, and set it on a display near the door.

She shook her head, chuckling. “Let me get my first aid kit. You’ve got a little bump there.” She turned and began walking toward the storage room between the counter and her Rare Antiquities display.

He moved all the way in, and pulled the door shut. “That’s a great idea. Because I’m not leaving until the storm passes.”

That stopped her in her tracks. She swiveled her head toward him. “Are you sure?”

He nodded. “I’m positive. I’m not going back out there and risking being a guest on ‘When Nature Attacks.’ Nah, I’m staying in here where it’s safe.”

“Okay.” She turned back and went to the closet, all the while thinking that Michael Dunn wasn’t as “safe” in here with her as he might think. Because if the storm lasted much longer, she might end up throwing something in his direction that would knock him off his feet.