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Hey, Y’all! It’s that time again. I’ll wait while you celebrate.

We Outchea, y'all.



Today, I’m going to give you a look into my story in the upcoming DAUGHTERS OF A NATION anthology. As some of you know, the theme of the anthology is focused on the role Black women played in the American suffrage movement. Our stories span a great length of time, just as they did in our last project (THE BRIGHTEST DAY: A JUNETEENTH HISTORICAL ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY). My story, A Radiant Soul, is set in 1881 in Fayetteville, NC. Readers who are familiar with Drifting to You, my entry in TBD, will remember Sarah Webster. She was the young apprentice to my baker heroine, Rosaline. Now Sarah is old enough for her own tale.

Here’s the blurb:

In 1881, Sarah Webster is returning home to Fayetteville, NC to celebrate her mother’s milestone birthday. Having spent the last two years working as a pastry chef in a Cheyenne hotel, she’s a very different person than she was when she left. Her efforts towards women’s suffrage, unknown to her family back home, are near and dear to her heart. Carpenter Owen Markham, charged with building the gazebo that will serve as Mrs. Webster’s birthday gift, is intrigued by the middle daughter of the Webster household, whom he’s never met before. Her father has decreed that he and Sarah are suited, but when he hears her unconventional stance on women’s role in society, he’s not so sure a love match can be made.

So, that gives you a little background on the story. Sarah has been speaking and writing for the cause of suffrage ever since she left home. She hasn’t told her parents, or her two sisters, about her suffrage work, knowing they wouldn’t approve. Meanwhile, Owen has been involved, in his own way, in the cause of ensuring voting rights for men of color. Owen’s efforts are far more clandestine, and are unknown to most people. Aside from that, he sees women’s efforts as suffrage as an inconvenient distraction from pressing the US government to enforce the Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution.


The story take place in the early days of the administration of President James Garfield. I’m sort of fascinated with US presidential history, it’s one of my favorite segments in my larger obsession with American history.  From the beginning planning stages, I knew this story would include reference to a president. As you other history buffs out there are aware, Garfield was one of four U.S. presidents assassinated while in office. (The others are Lincoln, McKinley, and Kennedy.) On July 2, 1881, Garfield was shot in the abdomen at the Baltimore-Potomac Railroad Station in Washington, DC. (Garfield lingered for several painful weeks before succumbing to his injures in September of that year.) The fateful day that Garfield was attacked is played out in A Radiant Soul. You’ll experience the fear, angst, and turmoil of that day, through the eyes of the characters.  As readers will soon discover, the date will be memorable for Owen and Sarah for an entirely separate reason.its-going-down-living-single

Alright, y’all. That’s all you get for free, LOL. Be sure to grab your copy of DAUGHTERS OF A NATION when it drops on November 1, 2016. Click here to sign up for a release day reminder.

Oh, and remember to VOTE this year like your life depended on it. Because it does!




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