Review: Urban Decay Vice Cream Lipstick

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Time for a lipstick review, y’all! Here’s a general overview of my reviewing process for cosmetics. I evaluate the product on four key factors: color payoff, texture, staying power, and pricing. These are the most important things I use to make my buying decisions. Each factor will be assigned a grade (A+ being the best, F- being the worst), and I average the four grades to come up with an overall grade. Pretty simple, right?

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick1
Color Description: A dark berry or magenta shade.
Squarely in the red family. I found the color very true to the swatch.

Color Payoff:  Great. A few swipes with my
Etaf Lip Brush gave me rich, Intense color. (A+)

Texture: Fantastic. This was my first Urban
Decay lipstick and I’m very impressed. Applied
very smoothly, and wore like a dream. It
felt like having bare, but moisturized lips.
Not too too tacky or sticky at all. (A+)

Staying Power: I wore the lipstick for
5+ hours. Stayed on through drinks, the
pop-tarts I ate in the car, and dinner
of salad and sandwiches. Faded a bit
in the last 2 hours. (B)

Pricing : The lipstick was free to me as
part of a sampler, but I know the
retail price is $17. Based on my
experience with it, I would pay that. (B)

Kianna in Rock Steady

I’m with it, y’all. Love this shade.

 Do you love it to? Click Here to Purchase Rock Steady from Urban Decay.

Overall: I give Urban Decay Vice Cream Lipstick a solid A!

Great color, texture, and its long lasting. To be honest, I’ve paid more for lipsticks I barely wear (I’m looking at you, Lipstick Queen). So I’m likely to purchase it. I’m kind of a lipstick hoarder, but I’m far more picky about how the color looks on me than the brand name. That’s why I’ve never tried Urban Decay, or most of the other prestige brands, of lipstick before. Based on the quality, though, Urban Decay has won me over. There are 23 more shades left in my sampler, and I can’t wait to try the rest of them. I’m going to review at least one color from all the finishes (Cream, Comfort Matte, Metallized, Mega Matte, Sheer, and Sheer Shimmer.)

I hope you found this review helpful.

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