Month: March 2016

A Worthy Legacy

Hey, y’all. Today, I must take a brief hiatus from the things I usually speak about on this platform, to do what must be done. I see my blog as a journal of sorts, meant to give a little insight into the worlds I inhabit. As a writer, this is a therapeutic activity for me, Read More

#OOTD: Lunch Date

Hey y’all 🙂 It’s been a while, but here’s an OOTD post for all my fashion forward divas out there. So let’s get ready to #WERK, ladies! As a bonus, since I haven’t done an outfit post since January, this post has two outfits. (There’s so much good stuff in Hamilton- it just applies to Read More

#FineReadables: Making it Real by Synithia Williams

Hey, y’all! It’s #FineReadables time again, so rejoice! (I’ll wait while you bust a move.) Have you celebrated appropriately? Ready to see what goodies I have for you today? Great! Today, I’m happy to give you a peek at MAKING IT REAL,  Book 3 in Synithia Williams’ Henderson Family series from Crimson Romance.  It’s on Read More

Hamilton: My Latest Obsession

Hey, y’all. Yes, it’s true. I’m one of the Hamilton Faithful. I’m fresh out of the deadline cave, having turned in my most recent book last week. I like to be early for my deadlines, and this one was a close shave. I turned in the book a mere 4 days before the deadline. Still Read More