Sisterhood at it’s Best: #DestinDivasRetreat

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Hey, y’all! #DestinDivasRetreat recap time!

This week, I’m taking a break from posting about fashion (don’t worry, more of that next week) to actually talk about something related to books and writing. Perish the thought, right? 😉 Here’s my take on the #DestinDivasRetreat, which you may have seen flooding your social media timelines this past weekend.

The last weekend of January, I was in writer’s heaven. I attend a writing retreat at a beach house on the Gulf Coast, one that I’ve been impatiently waiting for since last summer. And let me tell you, it was totally worth the wait.

Twenty-six women of color, all at various stages of their romance writing careers, came together with a single purpose in mind: self-improvement. We were united by our common desire to be better writers, savvier businesswomen, and more efficient in everything we do.  We learned Farrah Rochon’s fantastic plotting methods, exchanged ideas, brainstormed each other’s plot problems and encouraged each other.

The scenery and the company conspired to make an unforgettable weekend, one I’ll never forget. And if you’re about to ask me why I’m not sharing pictures, it’s because of two things: one, I was so busy writing, socializing and whatnot that I didn’t really take any; and two, you can find photos of if all over social media. (P.S., you may or may not recognize me without my usual beatface on, LOL.)

Being in the company of so many talented women was a gift and a privilege. Women who’ve been in the game for a long time had so much wisdom to share, and even those who are just starting out had something to offer. The camaraderie was amazing, and it’s something that’s very much needed, given how contentious the publishing industry can be. (I’m not going there, y’all.)

I will leave you with this Maxine graphic, which perfectly describes how I felt all weekend. I’m pretty sure my #DestinDivasRetreat sisters would agree.



I feel ya, Maxine.

I feel ya, Maxine.

See y’all next week for more shenanigans 🙂

Until Next Time,



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