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This week, I’m talking about my favorite way to jazz up my nails this time of year. No fancy implements, no squinting and trying to pick up tiny jewels with tweezers, and ending up gluing them to the back of your hand. (C’mon, I’m not the only one who’s done that, right?)

What I love to do for a super quick, super simple festive look is use glitter nail polish. I look for brands that contain a decent amount of glitter, this usually means I’m going to pay a bit more for the polish, but I think it’s worth it. Think of all the money and eyestrain I’m saving by not participating in that whole tiny jewel/tweezer thing.

Cheaper brands tend to skimp on the glitter.  No shade, all truth. I still buy cheaper polishes (NYX, Wet-N-Wild, etc), just not when I want sparkle payoff. I really love OPI and Orly brand polishes when it comes to glitter polishes. Be prepared to lay out $8-$10 for a single bottle of these brands; if you luck out you can get them on sale, or purchase sets with four or five small bottles for around $15.

I can also recommend the ULTA Salon brand of polishes if the price of the other two brands makes you want to weep and clutch your wallet. They have very high glitter levels, good color saturation, and staying power for at least 5 days. ULTA polishes are $8 each at regular retail, but I rarely pay full price for them because they are literally always on sale. With my Platinum ULTA membership I never pay more than $2 or $3 for them.

This year’s favorite glitzy winter polish is HALO, by Orly. Here are a few images of how it looks on my nails. Ain’t it purdy? And all I had to do was swipe on two coats (though one coat gives a nice look as well) along with my trusty base coat and top coat, and I was done! I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on the color, and at the time I took the pics I’d been wearing it for five or six days already.

Simple Festive Nails

Speaking of top coat, let me tell you about my go-to, Seche Vite. This stuff is the TRUTH, honey. It is the fastest, most foolproof quick dry top coat I have EVAH used. If you ever paint your nails you NEED this in your life, trust me. My nails are dry within three minutes of putting this stuff on, and you only need one coat. You can get it all over the place: Sally Beauty, ULTA, Target, etc, and I’ve never paid more than $8 for a bottle of it. One bottle will last you a good eight months or more.  I’m putting a pic of it below so you can identify it. If you use nail polish GO BUY THIS STUFF post haste.

Seche Vite Top Coat

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On the writing front, I’m finishing up a long contemporary for my agent to pitch. It’s going to be around 80k words, and is the beginning of a new series. Keep your fingers crossed for me that my agent can find it a good home come the new year. I’ve got around 10-15k left to write, and the finish line is in sight now that I’ve filled in a big research hole that was holding me back. I’m in planning mode for 2016, looking at which projects I’ll have time to work on, and which might have to wait until 2017. I don’t lack ideas, what I lack is time to pursue them all 🙂

I hope you found this post helpful and entertaining. What’s your favorite holiday nail polish color? Drop the brand and shade name in the comments, it might help someone out who’s looking for that perfect shade. (It might also help me add to my growing polish collection.)

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