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Hey, Y’all 🙂

I’m happy to be the first stop on the Loving Day Blog Hop this year. The Lovings were champions of their day, in their own quiet way. Something tells me they didn’t set out to start any “revolutions,” they were simply two people in love who wanted and needed to be together, despite the conventions of society. We all know what’s accepted or legal isn’t always right…but I digress. We’re here today to talk about the beauty that can be found when love and diversity intersect.

Now, some may ask about my personal situation, which I’m not afraid to tell you  about. I’m married to an African American man. But here’s the thing: I wouldn’t want to stop anyone from marrying the person they love, on any grounds. Now why would I say that, when I’m in a heterosexual relationship with a man the same race as me? Because I know what it’s like to love someone madly, to love them with every breath in your body, to love them so much you think you might burst. I think it’s cruel and downright uncouth for society to come between two grown people in love, regardless of whether they are of different races, or the same sex, or different religions, or whatever other cock-and-bull reason folks can come up with.

The world can be a pretty rough place. If you don’t believe me, turn on the news or check your social media feeds. There is more than enough bad news to go around, so I say let’s celebrate love! Two consenting adults who want to be together,  should be able to be together, to me that’s just the bottom line. I know there are folks who don’t agree, and that’s fine. Still, you don’t have any right to let your feelings and opinions dictate someone else’s life.

So, let me get down off my soapbox and get on with the books:) To date, I have written four interracial romances. Two of them are part of my paranormal romance series- the Phoenix Files. Book 1, Darkness Rising, features an Asian hero (Chinese-American), and Book 3: Midnight’s Serenade feature an Italian American hero.  In my historical romance series, The Roses of Ridgeway, Books 1 and 3 are again interracial. Book 1, Kissing the Captain, features a Spanish hero from Barcelona, and Book 3, Loving the Lawman, features a Caucasian hero. Peep the covers below:

Darkness2014 Midnight2014 KissingBorderLovingtheLawman

Loving the Lawman is the latest release out of my interracial books. So that will be my giveaway. Two lucky hoppers will get a FREE ebook copy of Loving the Lawman! Thanks so much for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of the hop 🙂

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