Breathing Life into Climax Creek


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Hello, All,


I recently released Vying for Vivian, the second short novella in my Climax Creek series. Some of you already know about the first book, Seducing Sheri, and the fictional town that’s so full of personality, I consider it a character in the stories. If you’re not familiar, I’ll initiate you, and give you a peek into how I created the town of Climax Creek.


On a trip to my mother’s house near in the Peidmont area of North Carolina, I passed a marker by the side of the road. There was a small bridge, which was part of the highway, and as we went over the narrow body of water underneath, I read the sign. It said “Climax Creek.” I turned to my husband. “Well, I have to use that, now that I’ve seen it.” I’m a romance writer, people. I couldn’t pass it up.


My research revealed that there is a town in that area called Climax. I decided to take the name of the body of water and create my own little town in that general vicinity, modeled after my imaginary perceptions of what the real town might be like. Having spent my formative years, as well as the last several years of my adulthood, in a small North Carolina town, I felt I had a good starting point.


From there, I built the town from the ground up, and filled it with residents, landmarks, and quirks. Some of these good citizens are based off of folks I’ve encountered. Some of the places I mention are also based off of places I’ve been. For example, the roundabout/ traffic circle in front of town hall is based off a similar roadway I found in tiny Carthage, NC, near their county courthouse. It seemed to confuse folks, and there wasn’t really enough traffic to warrant it, at least not to my mind.


If you’re looking for an escape to someplace friendly and welcoming, I invite you to pick up Seducing Sheri and Vying for Vivian, and visit Climax Creek. Note that these are erotic romances with a contemporary setting, so expect some hot “relations” between hero and heroine. Also, the series will continue this summer with the release of the third and fourth installments: Adoring Ava, and Persuading Patrice.


Until Next Time