Month: January 2014

Vying for Vivian Sneak Peek!

  Hey, Y’all! In a little over a week, my next release will hit the virtual shelves. Vying for Vivian, the second book in my Climax Creek series, is a short contemporary erotic that’s sure to get you in a loving mood for Valentine’s day. Return to the idyllic town of Climax Creek, and revisit Read More

Writer’s Block: The Bane of Your Existence, or a “Fig-Newton” of Your Imagination?

Hey There, You Writing Powerhouse, Last time, I explained the importance of reading for writers. Today, let’s explore the not-so-subtle nuances of a topic I hear writers talking about ALL the time: writer’s block. Some say they’re suffering through a terrible bout of it, while others claim it doesn’t even exist. Whatever side of the Read More

2014 and Still No Flying Cars?

  Looking for the Kianna Writes Archives, from 2007-2013? Click Here. Hello, gorgeous, So who do I talk to about our stunning lack of flying cars? We’re 10 years past the time of the Jetsons at this point, folks. What’s the holdup? : Just kidding. 😉 Happy New Year! It’s my first post of 2014, Read More

Pick Up a Book: Why You Need to Read if You Want to Write

  Hello there, dears, New Year, New Possibilities As we kick off a new year, I know that many of you have made plans to finally write that book you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe it’s the next “Great American Novel,” maybe it’s a memoir, or maybe it’s a book of your great grandma Betty’s prize Read More