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Smart Women Read Romance Novels!

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the Inter-Web. 🙂

Looking for romance novels? Want to escape into the pages of a story, one that might take you anywhere from 1880’s California to the modern day streets of Charlotte, North Carolina? Well, you’re in the right place, honey.

If you know me already, nice to see you again. If not, let’s remedy that now. In case you didn’t know, I write romance novels, and I have titles in several subgenres- historical, contemporary, paranormal. For me, writing is a passion. So far, I have more than twenty published romance novels and novellas.

In my head, there is a waiting room of sorts, filled with characters. They are all sitting on a red leather sectional, waiting for their stories to be told. If I keep up a good pace, I might get all my tales written before I’m 75 😉   So stick around- hopefully you’ll find something you like.    

You’re welcome to hang around as long as you want! If you want to know about my work, select the Books page. Want to ask me a question or make a comment? Head on over to my Contact page.  Want to know more about my journey as an author? Take a look at my bio.The nifty little carousel at the top of the page will take you to my romance novels on the Amazon US store.


I proudly support this campaign by K.M. Jackson to increase the quantity, visibility, and level of regard for romance novels starring characters who are people of color, LGBTQQ, disabled, or otherwise unique.


I am a woman of color, proudly writing in the genre I love. Want more? Visit Rebekah Weatherspoon’s WOCinRomance on Twitter.